“Learn SVG – The Web Graphics Standard”

by Jon Frost, Stefan Goessner and Michel Hirtzler

revisited by Robert DiBlasi and Tobias Reif

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Great book. I really enjoyed it. Best thing I have read for a while.

– Dr. Bob Hopgood, Member of International W3C Conference Committee (IW3CC)

What is SVG?

SVG gives developers, designers, and publishers the ability to create rich lightweight, interactive, extensible documents that
are ideally suited for use on the Web. SVG allows for pixel-perfect positioning of SVG graphical objects, which include
shapes, text as well as raster graphics such as PNG and JPEG images and supports color accuracy of over 16 million colors.
This is the homepage of the SVG language: http://w3.org/Graphics/SVG/ and this is the homepage of the SMIL language: http://w3.org/AudioVideo/

Excerpt From the SVG Book
Learn SVG: The Web Graphics Standard is a beginner-level book that assumes basic knowledge of Hypertext
Markup Language (HTML). Learn SVG is presented in a workbook-like format that lends itself to people who want both a
solid foundation in the main aspects of SVG and who are willing to get their hands dirty with the fertile soil that SVG has to
offer. The full challenge of the book is not for the faint of heart but the authors have made sure to thoroughly cover all the
bases using concrete examples.

The reader will move on to more advanced topics of adding style, gradients and filter effects,
menu creation, animation, script-based interactivity, publishing, extensibility, and a cutting-edge SVG Web application.

About the Authors

Stefan Goessner and Michel Hirtzler are two of the top names in the SVG world. Both presented at the SVG Open conference last
year in Zurich, Switzerland and host their own Websites dedicated to SVG: http://www.pilatinfo.org and http://www.goessner.net. Jon Frost is a .Net application developer who has published
several SVG articles.


You can purchase this SVG book in print (softcover) or as an eBook in English or French. A French version is also available on CD-ROM.
An SVG graphics tutorial is now available – SVG tutorial. The eBook version is offered as
individual chapters or as a complete SVG book. You can choose from the following file formats:

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Learn SVG Excerpts with SVG Examples and SVG Code
Below you can read summaries of Learn SVG chapters and appendix and see extracts for each chapter.

Summary Extract as HTML
Chapter 1 Preface
Chapter 2 Basic svg elements and svg attributes GO GO
Chapter 3 SVG Document structure GO GO
Chapter 4 SVG Curves GO GO
Chapter 5 SVG Text processing GO GO
Chapter 6 SVG Coordinate systems and
Chapter 7 Filling the picture GO GO
Chapter 8 Effective svg filters GO GO
Chapter 9 SVG Interactive and animated svg graphics GO GO
Chapter 10 SVG Scripting the SVG DOM GO GO
Chapter 11 Mixing XML based languages GO GO
Chapter 12 SVG Publishing with SVG GO GO
Appendix A SVG Color tables GO GO
Appendix B Unicode svg reference GO GO
Appendix C SVG Viewers and svg tools GO GO